Val Bianco

Review by Val Bianco on Amazon:

I’ve just spent a pleasant weekend in the mind of a precocious 18 (well almost 18) year old. This book is so completely authentic that you can almost hear the main character popping gum as she sighs…”whatever”. In fact, she neither pops gum, nor says “whatever”, but you get the point. From the first chapter, almost the first few paragraphs, the reader KNOWS Robin Finley. She is a bright, but sad, young duckling who hasn’t yet realized that she’s become a swan.

After reading PAST SUSPICION, I realized that the authoress was not much older than her character when it was written. Therein lies much of the charm of this novel. One immediately becomes drawn in by the gently sardonic sense of humor of this strong young woman who has just lost her mother. Robin’s intelligent wit is entirely unforced and natural, as if she’s sharing a teary eyed, half smile with a knowing friend. Though the story evolves well and comes to a satisfying climax and conclusion, the real appeal of this book is the character study. The first person narrative is smooth and plausible.

It may seem unlikely that a grandfather (me) could identify with such a protagonist, but reading this novel was much like sharing an adventure with a teenage Scout Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird). Robin is bright, funny, sad, inquisitive and sometimes, scared, but above all, she is authentic. I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages. Those of us who have raised daughters will find it especially entertaining. Robin Finley is both likeable and complex and the story is creative and cohesive, but the writing itself…is outstanding! Good stories aren’t too hard to find, but a good writer, now that’s a treasure!

I salute Ms. Heckenkamp and look forward to her next work.

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