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Review from Simple Catholic Living:

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I am not a huge fan of mystery or suspense novels. Never was. Still, not one to refuse a free book, I happily accepted when Therese Heckenkamp offered Past Suspicion in exchange for a review. (Thanks, Therese!)

As I always when I do a review, I resisted the urge to read the last chapter of the book first. (Yes, yes, I do read the last chapter of the book, usually, what can I say? ) It was hard. The book was a page turner. I was quickly drawn into the story and it was hard to put down.

Although the heroine is a teen, adults will enjoy this book. I did. The characters were realistic, interesting and well-developed. The plot was engaging and intriguing. I enjoyed Therese’s writing style and would definitely recommend her book.

I give this book three (3) stars.

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