Monica Eckert

Review by Monica Eckert on Amazon:

Past Suspicion is a novel that I have read many times over, and I don’t do that with many books! I love the “coming-of-age” feel the story has as we enter the changing world of a teenage girl. Though the main character “Robin” is only 17, the book does not suffer from simplicity. In fact, as Robin becomes involved with two different young men in a small town in Wisconsin, she grows, changes, and ultimately learns valuable lessons about her family, her world, and herself. “Past Suspicion” is most definitely a Romantic Suspense novel, but it is also much more. It reflects, without even trying, the intelligence and the innocence inside young people today. The Author, Therese Heckenkamp, was not much older that “Robin” herself when she penned her first draft of this novel. That being said, one can see why there is so much honesty to her teen heroine. Robin is not a simple cookie-cutter image of the teenage youth; instead, she is a tangible character who just may be our best friend or next-door-neighbor.

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