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Review from A Catholic Life:

I was recently given an opportunity to review Therese Heckenkamp’s “Past Suspicion.” The basic storyline centers around Robin, a 17-year old young adult from upscale California. In the course of the book we discover that Robin’s controlling mother dies of cancer, leading to Robin’s flight to live with her uncle in small town Wisconsin.

Despite knowing nothing about him, Robin develops an interest in her uncle’s bookstore and begins working for him. Saving her earnings from the store, Robin hoped to save enough money to return to California. All the while, her uncle is fighting off reporters who want to do a piece on the history of the store. The story centers on the progress of the protagonist in developing and sustaining relationships with others around her. Robin is forced to learn to trust others and live with her actions.

Despite my preference for non-fiction, this book offers a suspenseful and interesting story. The entire book was written well – alternating between past and present. I do recommend this book to anyone 12 and up. You can read details and reviews at Amazon and at TraditionalCatholicNovels.com.

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