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Past Suspicion by Therese Heckenkamp
$12.95 Paperback
$2.99 Kindle Ebook 

Published in 2003
Republished in 2012 by Ivory Tower Press

322 pages

A thrilling read for young adults 12 and up, this suspense novel by Therese Heckenkamp is about a head-strong teen, newly orphaned, on a quest to unravel the dangerous secrets of her mother’s past.

Shortly after her mother’s death, seventeen-year-old Robin Finley is forced from California to live in a boring (or so she thinks) Wisconsin town. Here in her mother’s old home, Robin’s curiosity causes her to become ensnared in a tangled web of deceit that spans the years and threatens to destroy her future. She encounters two mysterious young men, explores a tragic (rumored to be cursed) old mansion, discovers her mother’s old diary, and ultimately faces life-altering decisions.

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Past Suspicion has been awarded the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval!

“Living the past is a dull and lonely business;
looking back strains the neck muscles,
and causes you to bump into people
not going your way.”
— Edna Ferber